Do you know who you are?

  Self-understanding is a lifetime endeavour. It is not a weekend seminar. It does not come in capsule form. Vironika Tugaleva, The Art of Talking to Yourself   Psychologist Daniel Goleman proposed a popular definition of self-awareness in his best-selling book “Emotional Intelligence,” as “knowing one’s internal states, preference, resources, and intuitions.” Basically self awareness is… Continue reading Do you know who you are?


Self Love- A Responsibility Towards Ourself.

"Love yourself unconditionally, just as you love those closest to you despite their faults." -Les Brown What is self love? "Love of self" or "regard for one's own happiness or advantage". ( Merriam- Webster Dictionary) Can you remember the time when a loved one of yours was passing through difficult times and you were so kind… Continue reading Self Love- A Responsibility Towards Ourself.

Ted Talks The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking- Book review

  "The only thing that truly matters in public speaking is not confidence, stage presence, or smooth talking. It’s having something worth saying.” ― Chris J. Anderson, TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking   Book information: NAME - Ted talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking. Author: Chris Anderson. Book length: 244 Pages… Continue reading Ted Talks The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking- Book review